R4183-171 A Letter From South Africa

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I am today in receipt of your welcome letter of 24th ult. I esteem it highly, and was exceedingly glad to hear from you.

I shall have much pleasure in giving you my honest opinion about the translation you mention, when it reaches me. I regret to find that you have met with so many disappointments in the translation.

Brother Booth is very active in connection with the Millennial message. I am deeply interested in your six books, and have two brothers similarly interested; one is a clergyman of the Dutch Church; not only a reader, but a thinker. He is emeritus; resides at Pretoria, Transvaal, and edits a Dutch Church paper, besides preaching when requested. I do not know how far the Lord means to use him in spreading the DAWN message.

Then there is a mutual friend of Brother Booth and myself, Rev. J. H. Orr, minister of the Independent Congregational Church, Wymberg (one of our suburbs), who is already preaching some of the new truths contained in your books.

As you will have heard, quite a nice little company, of which I was one, all interested in the Millennial message, assembled in Brother Orr’s Church to celebrate the Passover—five Europeans, 29 natives (conducted in three languages—English, Dutch, Sixloga.) It was an important and impressive hour, and a new era in our lives.

Brother Orr is preaching the message, with great acceptance by his hearers.

Your books have left a deep impression upon me, and I am watching to see how far the Lord will see fit to use me in spreading the truths they contain.

No doubt Brother Booth has written to you about the native brethren, Oliphant and the student. Herein we observe the hand of God also.

I have been doing what I can to assist Brother Booth in getting your publications out among the people. No license is needed for the sale of books, only for stationery, etc.

With sincere regards, believe me,

Truly yours in Jesus,

L. DEBEER,—Africa.


— June 1, 1908 —