R4192-185 Poem: “To The Feet Of Him”

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“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him.”—Isa. 52:7

Oh precious “Feet,” so weary and so worn,
Make haste to “enter in;” for when ’tis done,
How sweet will be the rest so much desired—
When that last step upon the race is run!

Dear “Feet,” so tired, do not, do not forget,
How once those other feet were blest indeed,
When he, our Elder Brother, blessed Lord,
So gently ministered unto their need.

And doth he not today, so stoop and soothe
The “Feet,” who yet must “strive to enter in?”
“How beautiful!” Ah, yes, how glorious,
To bring good tidings that “our God doth reign”!

And so, dear “Feet,” by him so well beloved,
Come joyfully, attuned with music sweet;
Come hasten on with patient, loving zeal—
“A little while”—we all with him shall meet!

Mary H. Robinson


— June 15, 1908 —