R4232-262 Put-In-Bay Convention

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FOR particulars we refer our readers to our issue of August 15th, with the following items of added information:—

The Pennsylvania Railroad Co. will run a special train for us from Pittsburg on Saturday, August 29th, at 6 a.m. (Allegheny 6.03 a.m. city time) to connect with the lake steamer at Cleveland, O. It will be run onto their lake dock, and the steamer will stop there to take our party aboard. The Washington and Baltimore friends will probably take a through sleeper on train No. 23, which will be attached to our “Special” at Pittsburg. The Philadelphia friends may do likewise.

Friends can board this train at Beaver Falls, Pa., at 5.30 a.m., or at Alliance, O., at 6.40, Central time.

Friends from nearby places who find 6 a.m. too early for their connections will do well to remember the Friday midnight sleeper from Pittsburg, which can be entered at 10 p.m., $1.50 extra for a berth for two.

Notify our “CONVENTION DEPT.” at once which of these trains you decide to take, that provision may be made to avoid over-crowding and discomfort.


Those who cannot purchase G.A.R. Toledo excursion tickets to advantage will do well to inquire for WATCH TOWER SOCIETY rates to Put-in-Bay, O., as the railroads may possibly yet make us a special rate via Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo.


DATES OF SALE.—From points in Missouri, Iowa and Omaha, Neb., tickets will be on sale August 27th to 30th, inclusive. From Mississippi River stations and East, tickets will be on sale August 28th to 31st, inclusive.

RETURN LIMIT.—Tickets good returning leaving destination on and including Sept. 15th.

DEPOSITING TICKETS.—It is NOT necessary to deposit ticket, unless you wish to remain longer than September 15th.

EXTENSION OF LIMIT.—By deposit of return portion of ticket by original purchaser in person with the Validating Agent not later than 12 o’clock midnight on September 15th, and on payment of $1.00 at the time of deposit, extension of return limit may be obtained to leave Toledo not later than October 15th. Tickets so deposited will be executed by Validating Agent when withdrawn from the agency and will be honored to commence continuous return passage only on date of execution.

St. Louis, Mo., rate, $16.50; Chicago, $8.25; Kansas City, Mo., $24.15; Omaha, Neb., $28.25.

But consult your own railway agent in good season.


— September 1, 1908 —