R4249-302 New Edition Of The Debates

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A NEW edition of the White-Russell Debates has been prepared for us by the Cincinnati ENQUIRER. The previous edition was of 200,000, this edition 300,000. These are revised, the stenographers’ and printers’ blunders being remedied. The type used is larger and the several topics are made very conspicuous.

Already we have orders for one-half of the new edition and we invite further orders, to be filled after the Convention, September 15th. The price is 5 cents per copy, 10 for 30 cents, 40 for $1.00.

We know of nothing better than this for awakening an interest in the Truth. The Truth shines the more brightly in contrast with the error. And then some will read both sides who would not read our side alone. When the Eaton-Russell Debates were published one brother said to another, “John, here, Brothers Russell and Eaton are to debate their

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differences and these are to be published. I will get these and then you can see the two sides in contrast.” “No,” said the brother, “I do not care to read them.” Later, when the reports were received and read by the brother in the Truth, he said to the other, “John, here, read what Dr. Eaton says; never mind what Bro. Russell says, since you are so opposed: just read Dr. Eaton’s side.” The brother read as requested and then could not restrain his curiosity respecting the other side. He read, and, being an honest man, was convinced and is now active like his brother in scattering the good tidings.


— October 1, 1908 —