R4262-311 Poem: Sweet Day Of Rest

::R4262 : page 311::


(Tune: Saved By Grace)

I know some day my Lord will come,
And stand within my humble home;
His glorious presence in the room
Will make it like a rose in bloom.

CHO.—Then haste, Oh! hasten, day of rest,
When I shall be forever blest!

His voice, like music on my ear,
Will banish every thought of fear;
He’ll fold me closely to his breast,
And there in peace I’ll sweetly rest.

And oh, my Lord, on that sweet day,
I know the words that thou wilt say:
“It is enough, my child, come home,
Thy work is done, beloved, come.”

Then I’ll arise and go with thee,
Across the shining, crystal sea,
Until we reach that blissful shore,
Where we shall dwell for evermore.

G. W.Seibert.


— October 15, 1908 —