R4270-327 Poem: Lord, This Vow That I Have Taken

::R4270 : page 327::


(Tune: Nettleton)

Heavenly Father, I adore thee!
Hallowed be thy holy name;
Mighty angels bow before thee,
Should not mortals do the same?
May thy rule of love control me,
And thy will in me be done;
Hear the Vow I make before thee,
In the name of Christ, thy Son.

Daily will I pray, remember
All thy servants, dearest Lord,
Those who labor as one family,
To dispense thy precious Word;
Those who lonely go, as Pilgrims,
Those who travel two by two,
Those who volunteer to scatter
Golden gems, like morning dew.

O’er my thoughts, and words and actions,
I a closer watch will keep,
That I may be used more freely
In the feeding of thy sheep.
Oh, I want thy power to cleanse me,
By its power to set me free,
From all fleshly imperfections,
And to make me more like thee.

Lord, I know the powers of evil
Are increasing every day;
Trying to ensnare and hinder
Those who walk the narrow way.
Never will I listen to them;
Lord, I fear their subtle power,
From their every snare protect me,
Help me, keep me, every hour.

Lord, in all my daily dealings
Toward my brethren in the Truth,
I will not by word or action
Do what thou wouldst not approve.
Purity shall mark my conduct;
Chaste in thought and word I’ll be,
That the image of my Master
May be perfected in me.

Lord, this Vow, that I have taken
I could never keep alone.
When I think of self, I tremble;
When I look to thee I’m strong.
Leaning on thee, in my weakness,
Trusting thee for promised grace,
I will take this Vow and keep it,
Till I see thee face to face.
Rebecca F. Doney.


— November 1, 1908 —