R4283-342 Poem: “Just For Today”

::R4283 : page 342::


“Just for to-day!” O depths of faith,
I need to help me say,
“Thy Will be done”—”Thou leadest me,”
Just step by step today.
I do not know tomorrow’s ills
Or joys—which may befall;
But whatsoever may betide,
Thy grace will cover all.

“Just for today!” O blessed thought
That cheers my fainting heart!
I cannot wander far from thee
If I but do my part,
Which is to trust and never fear
What man may do or say,
But only “look to thee in prayer”
And trust, “Just for today!”

“Just for today!” How many saints,
Now gone to their reward,
Have trod this narrow path of faith
By “Leaning on the Lord,”
Not knowing what each day might bring
Of joys or trials severe;
Not even caring, for by faith
They knew the Lord was near!

“Just for today!” Yea, all his flock,
His “Body,” these “Last days”
Rejoice to follow in his steps,
And lift their hearts in praise.
For well we know “a little while”
Is all we have to stay.
How glad we are he helps us pray,
“Dear Lord, just for today!”

“Just for today!” This “Day of Trial,”
When Satan seeks to sift;
When God permits “such polishings
We praise him for “the Gift
Of One who’s mighty to direct
The work, till he shall say
Enough! the Jewel shines! ‘Tis mine!
I’ll gather it today!”

“Just for today!” Then, brethren dear,
Be neither weak nor faint,
But “watch and pray” to be kept free
From sin’s dread power and taint
That ye with Christ may “live and reign”

Till sin and death shall cease,
And Earth shall have her Jubilee
Of Everlasting Peace!
W. Homer Lee


— November 15, 1908 —