R4594-121 Truth Spreading In India

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WE are much gratified with the reports reaching us from India. Apparently the Lord has a great harvest field there. A large proportion of the natives in the cities understand the English language, which is taught in the schools; besides a considerable number of English-speaking people reside there. The fact that India’s three hundred millions have come under subjection to the British rule has operated both favorably and unfavorably as respects Christianity. It has carried the Bible to the people—to a very limited extent, of course. But it has also carried here and everywhere much of error and much of combination with sin and pride. Apparently many people in India realize the impossibility of ever converting the world. And such of these as are of believing hearts are earnest and ready for the harvest message—the gathering of the Lord’s jewels and the establishment then of the Millennial Kingdom for the blessing of all the families of the earth with restitution privileges.—Acts 3:19-21.

Our Brother Devasahayam writes us that in the city of Madras there are approximately 120 to 150 who have considerable ear for the Truth. But the majority of them, weak and fearful, he styles Nicodemuses, because they desire to inquire after the Truth in secret rather than more courageously. Apparently there is a good field in India for laborers—Colporteurs and preachers. Few, of course, can afford the expense of such a journey and few are qualified for the position. Europeans there are quite generally well educated, as are many of the natives; and no one could properly present the Truth unless he could speak English quite grammatically and with some fluency. Moreover, it is a place where great self-denial would be required, as the people are poor and Colporteurs would have more difficulty than here in meeting their expenses.

Some of you, but not all, know of Brother Devasahayam’s conversion to the Truth; hence we give a brief recital. His father was a convert to Christianity, a native preacher in India. The son desired to enter the ministry, and, seeking a good education, came for it to the United

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States. He took a college course, working his way as janitor, etc., through a college under the auspices of the Methodist Church. In common with all colleges, that one had Professors who inculcated Higher Criticism and Evolution, and Brother Devasahayam was poisoned thereby. He was too conscientious to further consider preaching the Bible, which he had come to disbelieve. He had gained an education, but lost his religion.

He came in contact with the Truth, but cared not to read it, disbelieving everything connected with Churchianity.

A friend of the Truth, deeply interested in him and believing him to be honest, paid his expenses to the Saratoga Convention. There he became partially interested in the Truth and began to read the SCRIPTURE STUDIES. He stopped with us at the Bethel Home while studying and became fully convinced respecting the Bible and the Divine Plan of the Ages. He gave his heart fully to the Lord and symbolized his consecration by baptism. The Society paid his way to India and purposes to co-operate in the work there as the Lord shall seem to open the door further.


— April 1, 1910 —