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For some time it has seemed expedient that I write you re some field observations. You may recall that I reported while South about a year ago that a rumor was then going the rounds of that section that Rockefeller had sent you a check for a million dollars. Since reaching the territory which I have been in for the past six weeks, I have come up against a widely circulated report that you had received another million dollars, but this time from Helen Gould. Now this report is vouched for as being authentic, for it is said to have come from some one engaged in the work, recently at Brooklyn, so he knows (they think) If such reports were not so absurd they would be laughable. How any one can give credence to such reports I cannot understand.

For about the same period of time I have been hearing that Brother Bohnet had passed beyond, and that Brothers Toole and Hersee have gone out of the Truth. All these things sound to me very much like “vain babbling.” At Chicago I was told that the reports coming in there from various Pilgrims indicate that the friends generally are going to sleep, at least resting on beds of ease.

My observations have been quite the reverse of these reports, and you know the territory covered by me during the past eighteen months has been quite extensive. The cases of drowsiness noted by me have been rare. Generally speaking I have found the classes in good spiritual health, the friends wide-awake. Probably a more vital matter is a report throughout the same territory, just referred to, that your present thought is that the Church will not be gathered until 1925. I was told that a Pilgrim brother, whose name was not mentioned, had made some calculations to this effect, but before presenting them to the Classes had submitted same to you and that you had returned the notes with your approval, as the story goes. So often do I find the friends forgetful of your oft-repeated statement that if you had any information to give them they might expect to find same in THE TOWER.

It seems to me that all such matters as I am repeating are worse than idle—that they are in reality harmful; for when the minds of the friends are exercised about such things they cannot be exercised about the things that would help them into the Kingdom. It seemed to me that you might consider these matters of sufficient importance to warn the dear friends against them through THE TOWER.

My heart was made solemn indeed by the article in THE WATCH TOWER, “Seventy Sent Forth.” The breaking of such tender ties is a great test, but we are in the testing time and cannot know what awaits us. When one member suffers, all suffer—sympathetically. Surely the end is near—all the more occasion for rejoicing. Remember me, dear Pastor, in your prayers, that I may meet you in the Kingdom, even if not before. My love for you expands and grows more tender as the days pass. To my mind evidences are being multiplied to the effect that the dear Lord is still guiding you in all things pertaining to His service. Daily do I thank the Father that I am privileged to be a coworker together with you in these closing days. With abounding love and confidence,

Your brother by His kind favor, W. M. WISDOM.




I thank our dear Heavenly Father each day for the wonderful provision He has made for the Church at this time in furnishing the “meat in due season” for us, through THE WATCH TOWER. The articles appearing in them are just soul-satisfying; and as I read them over again and again, it reminds me of the beautiful words we sing—Hymn 264:

“Sing them over again to me,
Wonderful words of life!
Let me more of their beauty see,
Wonderful words of life!”

Surely after our day of toil, when we are free from all care, what greater joy can we have than in partaking of this “Feast of fat things” prepared for us at this time! Surely we can say like David in Psalm 116:7, “Return unto thy rest, O my soul; the Lord hath dealt bountifully with thee.”

I pray the Lord’s rich blessings to be upon you each day, and that you may be one found worthy to reign with Him!

Your brother in the one Hope, LEWIS PITTENGER.—Pa.


— July 1, 1915 —

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