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Some of our readers seem to get Bro. Jones, publisher of the “Day Dawn,” confused in their minds with the publisher of ZION’S WATCH TOWER, and as a consequence, have when ordering a book of him, mentioned that he had not sent certain back numbers of the PAPER. Brother Jones is in no way responsible for the paper. If you do not receive it regularly, there is fault somewhere which we will attend to if notified; but all communications for the paper should be addressed carefully as directed in first column.

For the book—which, as mentioned in our last we think should be carefully read by you all and kept for reference and for loaning—all orders should be addressed as elsewhere mentioned in our column.

We would add that as quite a number are now renewing their subscriptions for the “WATCH TOWER,” they may, if they choose to save letter writing and the inconvenience of sending fractional currency, send their orders for books (Day Dawn) to us, and we will hand over all such orders with money, etc., to brother Jones.



— July, 1880 —