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Watch Tower




101 Fifth Ave., PITTSBURGH, PA.


C. T. RUSSELL, Editor and Publisher.


The Editor recognizes a responsibility to the Master, relative to what shall appear in these columns, which he can not and does not cast aside; yet he should not be understood as endorsing every expression of correspondents, or of articles selected from other periodicals.



TERMS:—Fifty cents a year, postage prepaid. You may send paper-money or three cent stamps to the amount of two dollars by mail at our risk. Larger amounts by Check, P.O. Money Order or Registered Letter, payable to C. T. RUSSELL.



We were too hasty in the matter of discarding the old terms from our paper as mentioned in the July number.

The government law regulating postage supposes that any paper offered gratis is an advertisement only, and will allow none such to go at newspaper rates, but charge four times as much for postage on them. By taking off the price we came in conflict with that law, and it cost us over eighty dollars for the lesson on the July issue.

We visited the Postoffice authorities at Washington, but could obtain no deviation from the law, and consequently are obliged to put some price on the paper, as before.

We can and do say this, however, there will be a special fund for the payment of subscriptions of all who want the WATCH TOWER but cannot afford to pay for it. To all such we say: Send your names, and the Lord will supply your subscription money. You need not be troubled about the matter.


— October And November, 1881 —