R0412-7 Miscellaneous – A Part Of God’s Plan

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WHEN we announce, as a part of God’s plan of salvation, now due to be understood, that the Sodomites (Ezek. 16:48-63) and all men who have never yet come to a knowledge of the truth (1 Tim. 2:4) are to be saved out of Adamic-death, brought to life again by reason of Jesus’ ransom; and that they may then be made acquainted with the truth and have an opportunity by obedience to that knowledge, to reach perfection as men, and live forever, it seems as strange to those who hear it, as did the announcement of the apostles in the end of the Jewish age, that from that time God would call and accept of Gentiles as his spiritual sons—Gentiles who but shortly before, had been treated as strangers and aliens and children of wrath.

This shows the importance of our apprehending dispensational truths, and ever searching God’s Word for the ever increasing light on “the path of the just.”


As in the Jewish age, so it is in the end of this Gospel age of which it was a shadow or type. It was not until the ending of the Jewish age that God sent light upon the Gospel age and its broader work. Thus it is now also; not until the very closing hours of the Gospel age does light shine out clear and strong upon the now dawning Millennial age and its work for mankind in general.


— October And November, 1882 —