R0458-6 From Brother Blundin

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MY DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL: I am hungry, not, however, for the carnal things of this life—for I have no pleasure in these now and rejoice not in them—but rejoice in the truth, for I have tasted of the Good Word of God and have found it rich food. Oh, so rich that I cannot but hunger for more! and our beloved Father continues to give me the blessing promised to those that “hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled.” Join me in saying, Glory to his name, for he hath revealed unto us, who are not the great men nor the wise men of this world, his purposes in Christ, hid from the ages, but now made manifest unto us who are living in the end of this Gospel age. To him be the glory and the honor for the power of that grace given unto me, to “Comprehend, with all saints, what is the length and breadth, and know the love of God which passeth all knowledge,” and, by the power of his grace working in me, every thought and every action of my being is being wrought on and brought into subjection to his will—for “Whatever is not of faith is sin.”

He has captivated my being, and day and night (when awake) I adore and bless him, and rejoice in the hope set before me, which is so supremely grand that I can now thank God that I was ever born, and that it is my privilege to walk in the footsteps of my Lord Jesus, that I may be partaker with him in bringing the world into unison with the mind of our God. And, by the strength of the grace given unto me, I am ready to bear all things that I may attain to that grace (favor) that shall be brought unto us at the revelation of our Lord Jesus; for “his reward is with him (for us who shall reign with him) and his work before him;” (Isaiah 60:10) “for all the ends of the world shall remember and turn unto the Lord.” (Psa. 22:27.)

I not only constantly pray, but earnestly seek, that the will of God may be wrought in me to the uttermost, that his name may be glorified in me, and he does graciously grant unto me opportunities of manifesting his name, by unfolding these beautiful truths that we have been feeding on for sometime past, to those who have an ear to hear; and the word is received gladly by those who intimate, by their manner or express themselves in words, as desirous of receiving more instruction in these good things “God hath revealed … unto us by his Spirit; … yea, the deep things of God” (1 Cor. 2:10)—The eyes of our understanding being enlightened … (we) know what is the hope of our calling. (Eph. 1:18.) And I “lay aside every weight” … and “run with patience the race set before me;” and I seek not the praise of men like myself, but I do earnestly desire the approval of the incorruptible God, and I know that I have passed from death (in Adam) unto life, (in Christ), because I love the brethren” with an unfeigned love: Beholding my Lord in his Word, I am being “changed into the same image;” “I shall be satisfied when I awake in his likeness;” when I shall have received the end of my faith, the salvation of my soul (being). Unto him that hath washed me be the glory and the honor and dominion forever.



— March, 1883 —