R0560-3 Poem: I Am Thine

::R0560 : page 3::


Though a cloud of pain and sorrow
Sometimes hide thy face from me;
Though my steps are slow and weary,
Father, still I trust in thee.
If my way is dark and lonely,
And no stars above me shine,
Through the darkness that surrounds me
Still I whisper, I am thine.

When in hours of grief and trouble
Tears have almost dimmed my sight,
When the tempter tries his weapon
Sometimes in a robe of light—
If I lift my eyes to heaven
Yet I see thy love divine,
Like a sunbeam through the shadows,
And I feel that I am thine.

So my Father, earthly sufferings
Cannot veil thy love from me,
And if worldly joy and pleasures
Try to win my heart from thee,
Then I look beyond the shadows
To the crown that shall be mine,
And I see the day is dawning,
When I’ll be forever thine.
K. Lundin.


— December, 1883 —