R0770-2 Extracts From Interesting Letters

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Williamsburg, Ohio.

MY DEAR BRO.:—It is sometime since I have written you a letter, yet I am not forgetful of you. I am busy, preparing and reading a series of papers before a considerable congregation. The manner in which these meetings are conducted is like this: I spend from twenty to thirty minutes in reading an essay; after the reading is done each hearer is permitted to present a written query concerning the subject. These I answer as best I can at the next meeting. I think they will get quite interesting as we proceed. Why evil was permitted is our present theme. When we are fully under headway I will write you and let you know how we are coming on. I am preparing manuscripts from Z.W.T. in the shape of lectures which I intend to deliver whenever opportunity presents. I was a little slow to accept the doctrines held forth by the TOWER, but I wanted to be sure they were correct before I embraced them. I was hungering for something like it for some time, and it seemed a mere accident that I got possession of it; but I thank God that I have found the truth. Here is a dollar to pay for my paper, and to send some back numbers if you have any to spare. Send me anything that I can use in the lecture field. I will send more for the work by and by. I am happy now, since I have the truth, let come what may.

Your Brother in Christ, __________.


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London, June 29, 1885.

DEAR MR. and MRS. RUSSELL:—Although it is so long since I wrote to you last, it is not decrease of interest in glad tidings which has kept me silent. The Z.W. TOWERS you so kindly sent are a source of great refreshment to me and to those to whom I make their contents known. Some point which has been exercising me in the Scriptures is touched upon in the next number that arrives. One of these happened to be the Baptism, about which having only been sprinkled and confirmed by the Church of England, I have felt dissatisfied in proportion as I have become more enlightened. Before separating from the Church of England I saw the error of infant baptism and I perceived that it was open to me to decide whether I would be immersed or not according to my conscience; then I endeavored to find a set of christians who would perform the office for me without seeking by enrollment with their special tenets, but I did not succeed. I am not satisfied without fulfilling this outward symbol, simply because the Lord enjoined it—so hope to be given the opportunity very shortly of taking this step together with some I have been teaching.

I am extremely obliged to you for sending all that you have sent, but if you knew how many more copies of the “Food” and “Tabernacle” I could use you would try to spare me some more; ere long I trust you will receive some money from me to pay for your supply of them to me and my friends. It is so strange that where ever I have lent the books they are almost invariably lost or mislaid so long that one would be tempted to think it had been done on purpose; on the other hand I have friends craving to read them. On two occasions, an opportunity has been given to me to speak of the glad tidings; but Satan tried to hinder. At one place, having found a quiet earnest body of believers on a retired street—belonging to no particular sect, I offered to lay before them all that I myself had learned. They received me cordially, and requested me three times to meet them, once at a general assembly. Having made a large wall copy from your Chart of the Ages I hung it up on the wall and sat amidst those earnest thirsty people to tell them the good news, inviting them to question me afterwards, which they did; some very sharply, and as if to trip me; but let the Lord receive all praise! it was given me to answer quietly, and one of the most arrogant of my opponents came up afterwards wrung my hand and thanked me begging I would return again. But the Salvation Army, it seems had begun to influence these christians so that my teachings offering to go further than it’s teachings made them afraid, I think, to give ear beyond the time I was with them. I left a copy of “Food” which they promised to meet together and study with the Scriptures; but curiously enough so soon as I had left for London—the book was lost. However, many men and women have become interested in the teachings, to whom I distributed the sample TOWERS. My work lies chiefly at the present time among detached individuals; and in writing to the absent. Only one, truly enlightened, lives near me, a police constable, who is too poor to send the money he would, to you, having a large family. He longs for a Diaglott of his own: I have lent him mine occasionally. Before long I could buy him one I think, and if so, will send the money to you; but can you supply him with regular TOWERS and some of the books? he has a wide means of working; at present, he has my papers to read and that is all. He and I only were able to keep the anniversary of our Lord’s marvelous sacrifice as units. …

I am, dear friends, yours affectionately,



Riddlesburg, Pa.

DEAR BROTHER:—I now enclose my subscription for ’85, together with a small sum for the Tract Fund.

I have been a reader of the TOWER for three years and I thank God that it was sent to me, as I believe through Divine providence. When I first received the paper I was a Class-leader in the Methodist Church and also Sunday School superintendent. Since that time I have withdrawn from the church (?) and am walking the narrow way. I was about to say alone, but, thank God, I am accompanied by my Leader and Guide.

My name has been cast out, and I am no longer an “influential” person, but I am doing what I can to bring others to a knowledge of the truth as it is in Christ Jesus. The TOWER comes to me monthly like a gentle shower to a thirsty land, and I am refreshed and invigorated, and am enabled through the grace of Him who loved us, to withstand the wiles of the adversary.

May God bless your efforts to extend the tidings of salvation to all men.

Your brother in the work, __________.


Argentine Republic, South America.

Respected Sir:—I again write you for a repetition of your favor. I previously wrote you from city of Callao, Peru, giving you information of how a fragment of your “Food for Hungry Christians” accidentally fell into my hands from an Italian sailor, and asking you for a complete copy of the same, to which you at once made reply by forwarding me the copy and also several copies of your WATCH TOWER. Before, however, I had time for the full examination I could have wished, my friend, C.W.H., then in Callas, carried them off from me, and as I embarked in a ship making the round trip to Valparaiso, Lobus Island, and finally to England, I lost the run of the book.

I am much pleased with the annual celebration of the Lord’s Supper, as noticed in one of the numbers of WATCH TOWER you sent me. Now, I want you to send me the September sample number of WATCH TOWER, also, “Teachings of the Tabernacle,” and one other copy of “Food for Christians.”

It is needless for me to inform you how very much interested I am in this movement, and to give you my promise of earnest support.

I now leave you, in the hope of future pleasant correspondence, with the good old Spanish parting of “May God be with you.” I remain, therefore,

Yours sincerely, __________.


Philadelphia, Pa.

DEAR MR. RUSSELL:—I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude for ZION’S WATCH TOWER. Each paper has created a longing for more which seems to increase every time I read it. I have not been altogether silent respecting its contents either. The relics of early training twine tenaciously about me, but it seems to me they are loosening and must finally be cast aside, for the old dogmas quake before the simple truth, and some of them shiver to pieces and decay before the light that has dawned on my vision.

Thank God, for the light; it shall shine on and on until the world shall see the “castles in the air”—the fabrications of men—lying in ruins; the “houses built upon the sand” swept away and the true Church having for its foundation “The Rock of Ages,” shall raise her meek and lowly head above the tumult of falling systems, and bid defiance to the storm which shall sweep the world of its calumnious teachings and lay waste the fabulous constructions of the world’s praised ones.

I remain yours in Christian love,



Dover, Ill.

DEAR BROTHER RUSSELL:—Since I accidently found your paper, “Food for Thinking Christians” more than three years ago, a flood of light has been pouring in upon me. How inexpressibly grand the whole plan of salvation appears, and yet how plain and simple. Strange it is that so few will believe it, and hate those who do; but that was the way they treated our Master. I can afford to have my name cast out as evil if I can be of the number that shall overcome. The more closely I compare the Word of God with the present state of the Nominal Church and the world, the more clearly I see the truth of your position that the Lord is really present and has commenced his harvest work.

Your brother in Christ. __________.


Halifax, England.

TO THE EDITOR OF ZION’S WATCH TOWER.—Sir:—A pamphlet has been lately put into my hands entitled, “Food for Thinking Christians.” It has greatly instructed and interested me, and led me into a new region of biblical teaching, presenting many aspects of truth altogether overlooked, the importance and scripturalness of which appear to me most clear and well founded. I have a strong desire to receive further teaching in the same direction; and I find a note appended on the cover which applies unmistakably to my case, therefore I eagerly avail myself of the suggestion to write to you. I should like to read and study “The Tabernacle and its Teachings” in the light which God has given you on the matter.

If ZION’S WATCH TOWER is a periodical publication, I should like to see a copy of it, and should be glad to know where it may regularly be obtained. I desire also that others also may be made acquainted with the like precious truths.

Yours gratefully and respectfully,



— July and August, 1885 —