R1455-301 Colporteurs’ Weekly Reports

::R1455 : page 301::


Our request, that we hear weekly from all Colporteurs who are giving all their time in the work, has been well responded to. But please remember both parts: State the spiritual prosperity and health, as well as the number of orders taken and the physical health. If more convenient, a postal card will do; and those working together may send their reports in the same envelope, if preferred. It will do you all good to write to the “home” (office) at least weekly, and it will do us good also. You are continually remembered in our prayers.


Do not forget the Missionary Envelopes. We have a new lot and supply them now at the reduced price of 25 cents per hundred, and $2.00 per thousand. This includes free delivery to you at your Postoffice.


— October 1, 1892 —