R2297-116 Poem: “All My Springs Are In Thee”

::R2297 : page 116::


—(PSA. 87:7.)—

A brook goes brightly on its way,
Its ripples on the pebbles ring
Incessant, day by day;
It has a living spring.

A life moves buoyantly along,
Tireless its walk; heart, glad and free,
Breaks out to God in song—
My springs are all in Thee.

God sets his seal upon the heart,
The holy unction from above,
His new name to impart;
Transcendent spring of love!

He gives the running-over cup,
Water of life, without alloy,
Forever welling up;
Perennial spring of joy!

God’s mercies, every morning new,
Bid every anxious worry cease,
Distilling like the dew
To fill my spring of peace.

A watered garden is the soul,
Where grows the branch within the vine.
Thou dost sustain the whole,
O Spring of Life divine! —F. I. PARMENTER.


— April 15, 1898 —