R3505-43 Poem: The Perfect Copy

::R3505 : page 43::


—ROMANS 8:29—

Memory wakens mental pictures
In the calm and solemn night;
Teaching all-important lessons
In a new and clearer light.

On a scroll I see a “copy”
Chosen from “the book” divine;—
Written by a master penman
On a bright initial line.

Under it a fair creation
Of the skilled engraver’s art;
Graceful lines and shades, assuming
Life and form,—a human heart!

Drawing near with deepening interest
To observe it carefully,
I discovered “words” I hastened
To commit to memory.

Imitate (they said) the “copy”
Written on the line above;
For the Golden Rule it follows
Is the perfect law of love.

Might I, heeding this instruction,
Duplicate the pattern well?
For, although my spirit’s willing
Yet “the flesh,” so weak, would fail.

Fearful lest I mar its beauty
I inclined to pass it by,
When the Master Artist whispered,
“I will help you if you try.

“Trusting you will e’er remember
My approval to obtain;
You should keep your copy stainless
Following closely to ‘the line.'”

Need I tell of blotted pages?
Here a tear-drop, there a stain;
Or of all my clumsy tracings
That appeared below the line?

Need I here repeat the failures
Which have caused my grief and pain;
Or the kindness of my “Teacher”
When He bade me “try again?”

In His wisdom gently prompting
Lest I should discouraged grow;
“Keep your eye upon my copy
I forgive mistakes below.”

Covering my many failures
With the mantle of His love;
As my “copy” grew in likeness
To the perfect one above.


— February 1, 1905 —