R3550-134 Do You Desire “Pilgrim” Visits?

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HEREAFTER we will invite requests for “Pilgrim” visits not at the first of the year, but about this time, when moving will be mostly past. We now inquire for the year beginning May 1, Who desire Pilgrim visits? We do not promise to grant all requests but we will surely do our best to serve the interests of the general field as the Lord shall grant us to see his good pleasure in the matter.

These “Pilgrim” visits are free—no charges are made for time or traveling expenses, and no collections of any kind are taken up by them. All of their expenses are met out of our general Tract Fund, to which many of you contribute, but for which no solicitations of any kind are authorized. The “Pilgrims” make but brief stays at each point of interest. It is presumed that those requesting their services will be glad to provide them with food and shelter. They are quite content to share with the “brethren” the blessings of the Lord’s bounty as he grants them to you. They seek not your’s but you.—2 Cor. 12:14.

For our assistance please answer the following questions if you desire these Pilgrim visits—as many of

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them as you can—on a postal card, at once. Indicate your answers as below, (a), (b), etc.:

(a) How many DAWN readers in your vicinity?

(b) Are weekly meetings held now by these?

(c) How many are usually in attendance?

(d) Where do they meet now?

(e) Was a vote taken on this “Pilgrim” invitation?

(f) How many voted for the invitation to be sent?

(g) Did any vote against the invitation? How many?

(h) Give full address of the one who has volunteered to care for the Pilgrim.

(i) If your town is off the railroad, state proper railroad station to stop at, and how the “Pilgrim” could get from station. Would he be met?

(j) Could a suitable place be found for one or two public meetings?

(k) Could a suitable place be found for semi-private meetings for the interested?

(l) What attendance do you think could be secured for the public session by such notifications and advertising as you could give?

(m) Have the DAWN readers chosen leaders or elders in accord with DAWN, Vol. VI., chapters v. and vi.? If so, give addresses of the two to whom notification of a Pilgrim’s coming to you should be sent.

(n) Give writer’s name and all addresses in full.

If you are the only TOWER reader answer such of the questions as you can.

Write very plainly, and should conditions so change during the year as to make the withdrawal of this invitation advisable, please drop us a postal card to that effect at once.

Sample of how your reply card to us may be written: (a) About 14. (b) Yes. (c) 8. (d) In Bro. Smith’s home. (e) Yes. (f) 7. (g) 1. (h) Bro. and Sister Jones. (i) Clifton on P. & Ft.W.R.R. Bro. Jones will meet with “rig,” if notified the hour of arrival. (j) Yes. (k) Yes. (l) 100 to 200. (m) Yes. J. Smith and W. Jones. (n) W. Jones, 804 Some St., Ourtown, N.H.

Attend to this at once, please. It may be too late after you see in the TOWER the announcement of a “Pilgrim” headed your way. The routes are made out and timed from start to finish in advance.


— May 1, 1905 —