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You have clearly shown that Elijah was a type of the Church in the flesh, and that his 3-1/2 years correspond to the 1260 years of Papacy’s power (a day for a year), during which the Church was in the wilderness condition, fed as it were by ravens. (Vol. II., p. 256.) Now I want to ask whether the subsequent experiences of Elijah do not typify some of the experiences of the Church from 1799 to 1914, as follows:

(1) The rain (I Kings 18:41-45)—spread of Truth in publication and dissemination of Bibles and in the organization of Bible Societies.

(2) Slaying of false prophets—overthrow of false doctrines, etc.—I Kings 18:40.

(3) Subsequent flight to save his life—the complete separation of a class from the power of Jezebel in the interest of the new life, 1829 to 1846, corresponding to the Cleansed Sanctuary Class.—I Kings 19:1-4; Vol. III., pp. 83-119.

(4) Elijah’s first awakening (19:5) corresponds to the spiritual awakening of this class, known as the “Miller Movement.” Special food was now due, viz.: the Ransom, the return of our Lord, and an understanding of prophecy.

(5) “Fell asleep.” “The Bridegroom tarried, and they all slumbered and slept.” (Matt. 25:5.) See Vol. III., pp. 92-93. This covers the period of 1844 to 1874.

(6) Second awakening, 1874 to 1914, during which time all the Elijah class shall be reached (touched) by the angel (messenger) whom the Lord has been using since 1874. This angel is the same one referred to in Rev. 3:14 and Luke 12:42. The food offered is Present Truth. This angel mentions a definite object before us, “a journey,” and so the Lord’s servant has clearly shown us the hope of our calling—that is, to be joint-heirs with our Lord. Never since the apostles fell asleep has the hope of the Church been as clearly shown as in the DAWNS and TOWERS prepared by this angel. Elijah was told that the “journey is too great for thee” unless strengthened by partaking of the food. So we are assured that only those who now put on the “whole armor of God” can (or rather, shall) “stand” and make the journey to the heavenly phase of the Kingdom—”the mount of God”—Horeb. This was the same mount

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from which the Law Covenant was delivered at the hands of Moses. Paul shows that this represents the heavenly Kingdom. (Heb. 12:18-25.) The parable of the Virgins shows that only those who appreciate Present Truth enter into the marriage since 1874. They must appreciate the “Presence.”

The forty days’ and forty nights’ journey (a day for a year, as in previous type of 1260 days) gives the length of the journey (time) from the beginning of the awakening by “that servant,” angel, in 1874, until the last member of the Elijah class shall have reached the Kingdom (Mount of God, Heb. 12:22) “in [by] the strength of that food”—Present Truth. Then we shall meet our Lord and see him as he is.

The subsequent manifestation of power shows, as you have told us, the three features of the overthrow of the present kingdoms of this world: (a) The winds (wars) now held back, show that the overthrow of present institutions will not take place until after the Elijah class has reached the Mount of God—actually changed. However, the elements are being prepared for the conflict before them. (b) Earthquake (social disorder) next follows. (c) Anarchy is the fire that completes the work. God was not in them in the sense that they were not of divine institution; nevertheless they were overruled to accomplish his purposes. (d) “The still small voice” (God’s Word) which now speaks only to the listening ear (he that hath an “ear to hear”) will then speak with authority in the Kingdom, saying, “Peace, be still.” Verse 13—It seems that the type here changes to teach lessons regarding our present privileges and responsibilities.

Yours in the One Hope, C. E. FOWLER.


— July 15, 1908 —