R4290-362 Poem: Give Me Submission, Lord

::R4290 : page 362::


Dear Father, hold my trembling hand,
And bid my heart be still,
And help me while I waiting stand,
To know and do thy will.

Teach me, when grief has touched my heart,
Or when my pulses thrill
With some exquisite new-found joy
To trust thee and be still.

For only thou who formed the mind
Canst all its workings know;
And in thy love and pity kind
Compassion thou dost know.

For thou canst school each wand’ring thought
Till it revert to thee;
Thou canst direct each deed that’s wrought
Till we thy purpose see.

Thou canst our hearts emotions calm,
Our best affections claim,
Till by thy spirit’s soothing balm
They glorify thy name.

Thus what we know, and do, and feel
We give into thy hand;
Use all according to thy will,
For thou dost understand.

Thine is an “everlasting love,”
And therefore thou has “drawn;”
Thou art our magnet from above,
And so we “follow on.”

We follow on by day, by night,
Whate’er thy leadings be,
Knowing the path, if dark, or bright,
Leadeth thine own to Thee.

G. V. G. Calkins.


— December 1, 1908 —