R4371-111 Berean Studies On The Atonement

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*Five years ago DAWN-STUDIES, VOL. V., was reset, and unfortunately the type was not exactly same size as before; and hence page for page they differ. The references given in these Berean Studies apply to the present edition, a copy of which postpaid will cost you but 30c. But keep your old edition, for unfortunately the new Bible Helps refer to its pages.

Questions on Study V.—The Baptism Witness of the Spirit


(1) Why is the witness of the Spirit an important doctrine to the people of God? P. 226, par. 1.

(2) What is meant by “our spirit” in Romans 8:16,—”The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God?”

(3) Why should we consider the holy Spirit another God separate and distinct from the Father and Son, if we do not consider our spirit a separate person from ourselves?

(4) Is there danger of trusting too much to “feelings” and what is the remedy? P. 226.

(5) Quote some hymns in proof that doubt and distress prevail and show the real difficulty and the cure. P. 127.

(6) Explain the difference between Faith and Credulity. P. 228.


(7) How may we obtain the witness of the holy Spirit? P. 229.

(8) How may we be sure that we made the proper start in the heavenly way? And that we are still on it? And that we shall make our calling and election pure? P. 230.

(9) Is our “full assurance of faith” based upon our perfection, or what? P. 231.

(10) Are tribulations a witness of the holy Spirit to God’s people? If so what testimony or “witness” do they bear? P. 232.

(11) Are the Lord’s dealings with us all alike, or alike to all? If not, why not? P. 233.

(12) Why do some of God’s children require more and others less disciplining?

(13) Are all chastenings evidences or witnesses of divine displeasure? If not, explain other reasons for them and services through them. P. 234.

MAY 16

(14) What prunings should we note and what results should we expect? P. 234, par. 2, 3.

(15) Quote several texts from the Bible, showing the Spirit’s witness to us, and explain how these should be understood as witnesses and how they should influence our lives. P. 235.

(16) What did the experiences of our Lord Jesus witness respecting divine favor with him? Explain his sufferings as in full accord with the Spirit’s witness and show how ours should correspond. P. 236.

(17) Would our Lord’s witness of the Spirit have been the same had he taken a different course? Pp. 236, 237.

(18) Explain 1 John 5:4, showing how it is a witness and to whom it applies. P. 237.

(19) Is our knowledge of holy things and of “things to come” a witness or testimony? If so, of what? P. 238.

(20) What should every Christian resolve re the witness of the Spirit? P. 239.

MAY 23

(21) Will the holy Spirit witness to the converts of the Millennial Age? If so will the witness be the same as to us or in what respects different? P. 239, par. 3.

(22) Explain the difference between a real witness of the Spirit and the unsatisfactory reliance upon “feelings”? P. 240.

(23) Why should those possessing the true “witness” rejoice and those not possessing it seek it? P. 241.

(24) What is it to be sanctified by the holy Spirit? And what are the needful steps to this end? P. 241.

(25) What did St. Paul mean by his prayer that God would sanctify his people “wholly”?

(26) Are there degrees of sanctification? and are these degrees easily attained? P. 243.

MAY 30

(27) Explain what is signified by the expression, “new creatures in Christ Jesus.” P. 243, par. last.

(28) Is a filling of the holy Spirit attainable? If so, is it of sudden or of gradual attainment? P. 244.

(29) Could we be properly said to be filled with a spirit person? and could the same person fill many persons and still retain personality? In a word is personality divisible?

(30) What is the Apostle’s illustration of our being filled with the holy Spirit? Show the application. P. 245.

(31) Can we be “filled with the holy Spirit” without conforming to the divine conditions? And can we thus conform unless we know the conditions? And can we know the conditions except by the study of God’s Word and obedience thereto? P. 245, par. 2.

(32) Is the sealing of the Spirit the same thing as the witness of the Spirit?

(33) What is meant by the seal of the Spirit? When is it obtained? Suddenly or gradually? Pp. 246-248.


— April 1, 1909 —