R4402-159 An Interesting Letter

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I do not know if you have any more time now than you ever had to read poor letters, for I know you are always kept busy in the Master’s service. But I must tell you about that Vow.

I had always prayed for you and all those who labored with you in the WATCH TOWER office, from the time I first took the TOWER, which was in 1882. And then, when you sent out the Pilgrims to preach God’s Grand Plan of the Ages, also the Colporteurs, prayer was added daily. But when the Vow was first brought to my notice, I did not think much about it; but after studying it a while the Lord showed me that it was a binding of the sacrifice closer to the altar that I made when I consecrated, so I took the Vow and sent you word. And oh, what a blessing has been mine since then, for though I am weak and frail and old, the Lord my God has drawn me closer to himself. And I can appreciate more and more the 91st Psalm and John 14:21-23, and though I can do so little in his service, he has promised never to leave nor forsake me, because I trust that he who began the good work in me, is able to finish it. My desire is not to be a stumbling block in my own way; I desire to follow my Lord even unto death.

I enjoy the WATCH TOWER and those sermons in the Cincinnati Enquirer very much. May the Lord keep you faithful even unto death as that servant, is my daily prayer.

Your sister in his service,



— May 15, 1909 —