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THE New York World publishes an interview with Bishop Fallows, of the Reformed Episcopal Church, as follows:—

“Telepathy is an established fact. In recent years great strides have been made in the explanation of psychic phenomena and in the years to come the science of communication with the dead will be made a part of the curriculum of great educational institutions. As its study becomes systematized and more widely spread greater advances will be made and some day we will talk with the spirits as we now talk with material persons.

“The Bishop made some startling statements in discussing the matter. He frankly states that he formerly fought shy of Spiritualism, and that he is just beginning to learn.

“‘In the enlightened days to come,’ said Dr. Fallows, ‘we shall be able to converse with spirits of departed friends and relatives. Their state will be made known to us through these communications. They will be able to advise us on knotty problems.

“‘There are great truths in Spiritualism. Many Spiritualistic phenomena we cannot understand, but we have to admit them. I have called the new science “Immortalism” because it depends for its existence upon the immortality of the soul, in which we all believe, and the preservation of identity beyond the grave. Immortalism is simply Spiritualism with all the fraud and trickery eliminated. On account of these frauds Spiritualism has been shunned by many right thinking people, but immortalism will claim their most earnest attention.’

“In support of his belief Bishop Fallows quoted from many eminent men who have expressed similar views.”

Bishop Fallows will be recognized by many as one of the ministers who have recently been taking a great interest in Faith Healing clinics. We have already pointed out that to our understanding these cures are effected by hypnotic influences and that hypnotism is but another form of Spiritism. We believe that through this channel the fallen angels (“wicked spirits,” Eph. 6:12) are seeking to break down the human will, and that the results, shortly, will be direful in the extreme, leading to spirit control and every evil work. It was only to be expected that sooner or later Bishop Fallows and his associates in “faith healing” would be drawn into co-operation with Spiritism and more or less outwardly acknowledge it. But it is with pity that we note Dr. Fallows’ endorsement of the power and his denial of the name, as though the change of a name, the calling of it Immortalism instead of Spiritism, would effect any real change in its character.

Immortalism is really a more deceptive name than Spiritism, because it seems to imply the deathlessness of those who have died and to give the inference that it is the dead who do the communicating. Spiritism is the more correct name for the cult because, as the Scriptures show, these various manifestations come not from dead men, who “know not anything” (Eccl. 9:5), but from spirits—wicked spirits—fallen spirits—”the angels which kept not their first estate” and who were restrained at the time of the flood.—I Pet. 3:19; Jude 6.

Poor Christendom! Boasting of its scientific attainments and learning and wisdom it is being led by its professors of colleges, its ministers and bishops, straight into the enemy’s camp—into Spiritism—demonism. Within the next few years we expect wonderful developments along this line, for is not the entire nominal Church of Christ blindfold on this subject, and worse, mistaught, deceived into thinking that their friends are alive, whereas the Bible distinctly assures us that it is because the dead are not alive that they need “a resurrection of the dead” and that the Lord has provided therefor?

Meantime while expecting these traps and snares to stumble many who are not Bible students and taught of God, let us who do recognize them beware for ourselves lest we be entrapped in another way—through the subtle influences of the same great Adversary—inciting to anger, malice, envy, hatred, strife, evil-speaking, slander, etc. We believe special testings along these lines are now being permitted that those who have not faithfully used God’s blessings for their establishment in faith and righteousness may stumble, may fall, may be tested by fiery trials along both these lines—faith and practice.


A bill has been introduced in the Turkish Parliament with a view of encouraging Jewish immigration into Palestine. It is proposed to do away with the so-called “red passports,” which had hitherto been given to every Jew landing in Palestine as an assurance that he would not stay there more than three months. It is believed that such a bill will greatly facilitate Jewish settlement in Palestine and remove the restrictions which deterred many Jews from taking up their abode there.


The public prints still continue to make mention of the great strike and threatened revolt in the Swedish Metropolis, Stockholm. Various lessons are sought to be impressed by it—amongst others the prevalence of Socialism and what it portends. The following from the Moline Dispatch is a sample. The general comment is that when the patient and order-loving Swedes become riotous it marks a new epoch, and more or less justifies the expectation of lawlessness anywhere, everywhere. The below article gives, we think, a fair reflex of European conditions and the influence of Socialism in the affairs of life to-day:—

“The Socialists, of course, fail this time, but we should indeed be blind if we do not see in the incident a further warning of a tendency visible all over Europe. Within the last few months we have seen three important disturbances

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—in France, in Spain and now in Sweden. In each case there has been instant talk of revolution, while the actual and immediate causes of the outbreaks have been submerged by the other and greater forces in the background. No one wanted to know the immediate excuse for the strikes in France. The only interesting question was whether the shock might be enough to bring down the avalanche. In Spain the only pertinent question was whether the grievances of the people were at last heavy enough to break that patient camel’s back, and now in Sweden we are hastily assured that the strike would be quite unimportant but for the stimulus of Socialism.

“Two things are evident throughout nearly the whole of Europe. The first is that the labor organizations are gradually uniting under one control and that any man of magnetic genius can snatch at their dictatorship. Pautaud nearly did this in France, and may do it yet. The second symptom is the growing affinity between European labor Unionism and Socialism, and it is to be remembered that over the larger part of Europe an avowal of Socialism creates no comment or surprise either among rich or poor. A Socialist has been made Prime Minister of France without a word of protest from any one. Socialism in Germany is the one supreme fact that keeps her statesmen awake at nights, while in the English House of Commons we find that the powerful Labor party is practically synonymous with the Socialist party. There are no Socialists in the House of Lords, but it would be easy to find a great many among the titled aristocracy. And now comes the strike in Sweden, and we find the whole standing army of the country placed on the alert, not so much to suppress the ordinary turmoils of such an occasion, but rather to discourage a possible attempt to begin the organized civilization of the country all over again.

“It must, of course, be remembered that there is no cut-and-dried definition of European Socialism. Over very wide areas it is little more than another term for social discontent and for constitutional attempts at reasonable reform. The German Socialist, for example, is by no means the long-haired firebrand with whom we are unpleasantly familiar. He may be simply an orderly advocate of measures that are matters of commonplace here, while any man who opposes the semi-clerical tyranny of Spain is apt to be dubbed a Socialist. Socialism in Europe may sometimes have a definitely constructive meaning with the educated, but with the great masses of the people it means no more than an effort toward Democratic expression. None the less it is significant that widespread discontent should thus be forced under a leadership that may become one of a mischievous intelligence.”


The world’s discontent has long been felt in India, where a rebellion against British rule has recently been nipped in the bud by prompt measures on the part of the Government. Now the Hindoos have adopted another method of procedure. They propose to boycott all British goods and thus to damage British interests heavily. Anyone patronizing British goods is to be treated as an outcast by his fellow-countrymen. Unrest prevails the world over. How we long to give the poor, groaning creation a proper view of that blessed hope which so inspires our hearts—the Second Presence of our Lord and the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom—his rule of righteousness for the blessing of all the families of the earth. “Be patient, brethren,” while diligent and fervent in spirit.


“When a man is attacked for his loyalty to the Bible and Bible truth, he has a right to feel encouraged. The Bible begins to mean something to him then; and he begins to mean something to the Kingdom. Such an attack is evidence that he is really alive. For, as a well-known defender and expounder of the Bible as God’s Word has keenly said: ‘The Bible is a living thing; and when it gets into you and

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your life, you’ll be under the scalpel of every little critic.’ Criticism is not a thing to be sought; but when it comes as a result of getting the Bible into your blood, it is not to be feared. Are you intimate enough with the Bible to invite such criticism?”

The above from The Sunday-School Times is well stated and applicable not only to those who resist Higher Criticism and Evolution, but also to those who stand in the light of the Divine Plan of the Ages revealed in the Lord’s Word and opposed by the darkness of this present age and the Prince of Darkness and his poor, deluded servants.


The mind of man is fertile. Recent wonderful developments of aeroplane and dirigible balloons are leading the national thought to a new line of warfare. Aerial battles are anticipated. The dropping of explosives upon battleships and cities, arsenals and armies, is being studied. All the governments are seeking to prepare for this new form of warfare, while still the building of battleships continues.

It will be remembered that some years ago the use of torpedoes at sea was brought to considerable perfection, mechanism being finally devised to guide the torpedo by electric currents to the ship intended to be destroyed. The latest suggestion is an aerial torpedo guided through the air, instead of through the water, and so swiftly that the enemy would not be able to ward off its blow and the explosion and destruction which would follow.

Oh, that the world had less of the spirit of the Adversary and more of the spirit of the Lord. Oh, that these bright minds now exercised in devising death-dealing devices were equally diligent in seeking a system of healing and helping and uplifting humanity out of sin and death conditions to restitution blessings!

Well, a little while and the present order of affairs will be ended! A little while and the last member of the “elect” Church shall have been called, chosen, tested, found worthy and glorified. And then the long-promised dominion of the Lord will be established—his Kingdom for which we pray, “Thy Kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.” A little while and, in the awful trouble of the “day of wrath,” the world will have an illustration of its own money-mad condition and be ready for the peace which God purposes shall then be established! A little while and the world’s blind eyes shall be opened to see wonderful things in the opposite direction from that in which it is now looking. Thank God that our eyes are already opening and our ears already being unstopped and that the blessed sights and sounds of the Divine programme are coming to us in comforting and sustaining measure!


The Apostle pointed out as among the conditions prevalent in the end of this age the following:—Disobedience to parents; lawlessness; pleasure-loving; ferocity of temper, etc. We need not on this occasion go deeply into the why, but recognize the fact that many of these predictions are now fulfilled before our eyes. Lack of reverence for parents leads on to that careless condition which fears not God, neither regards man, in its selfish, wayward course.

The Philadelphia Public Ledger calls attention to the fact that photographs of those who recently participated in the street-car riots in that city were chiefly those of boys from fifteen to twenty-one years. The same has been remarked of the Springfield, Ill., riots and others in this country, and also respecting riots in Russia about two years ago, and others more recently in Spain.

The lesson is that these boys have been either mistaught or not taught at all respecting justice, the rights of others, etc. We fear that the world is gaining too slack a conception of liberty. Too much time apparently is given to teaching something about man’s evolution from a monkey or from protoplasm, and not sufficient time to instructing the youth respecting his own rights and the rights of others and the necessity for law and order.

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In Divine Providence the care of the school does not devolve specially upon us nor our readers, except it be those of us who are school-teachers. Wherever our influence can be felt, it should be used in favor of righteousness, equity, justice, mercy. But in our own homes and families we surely, each and all, have important duties toward the young of both sexes. The care of his children is a paramount obligation and responsibility resting upon every parent. Right exercise of this great responsibility should be sought carefully and prayerfully and exercised with the greatest wisdom at command. A parent assumes a great responsibility in bringing a child into the world. And how could he hope to be classed as an “overcomer” if he should neglect this responsibility? If, after we have done our very best, a child shall go astray into wrong paths it is a cause for regret and prayer. But if a child go astray because of a lack of proper parental instruction, it is a calamity which should properly call for tears and groans, as well as prayers for Divine forgiveness.

Again we urge upon all WATCH TOWER readers the daily use of the HEAVENLY MANNA at the breakfast table and the reading of the Vow and that surely every day begin with praise and prayer. Also that the children be Scripturally instructed every Sunday by the parents.


The wave of protest which quickly spread over the civilized world upon the announcement of the execution of Prof. Ferrer in Barcelona, Spain, has astonished the world. The professor’s teachings were anti-Catholic, socialistic, perhaps almost anarchistic. “He was hounded for a time, then imprisoned and finally executed”—most unjustly, it is claimed.

Great commotion of protest which followed, as if by magic, in all parts of the world showed a cord of interest and sympathy and an organization which astonished rulers. New York’s “demonstrations of protest” with flags, banners, etc., was followed by speeches in which both Catholics and Protestants were derided and liberty, Socialism, etc., were lauded. En route to the large auditorium the marchers hooted and jeered both Catholic and Protestant Church buildings as they passed them.

Only recently have we seen the reports of the London “protest.” We append an account of it. The indications are that respect for both political and ecclesiastical rulers is decidedly waning. The condition of things in Rome was extreme—the Catholic Church being held responsible for the action of the Spanish officials in executing Prof. Ferrer. The London report says:—

“Spanish anarchists in London are openly threatening the life of King Alfonso, and are boasting that he will not be permitted to live the year out. Malatesta and others of the more rabid anarchists are actually inviting reporters to accompany them to secret meetings to listen to firebrand speeches. Some of them have shown reporters laboratories with newly devised bombs, wherewith they hope to be able to take the lives of European monarchs.

“The outbreak of Ferrerism, which is convulsing the continent, reached England this afternoon and evening and London witnessed scenes duplicating those enacted in Paris and other European capitals. Following a demonstration in Trafalgar Square, 10,000 malcontents rushed to the Spanish embassy in Grosvenor Gardens, by way of Whitehall and Victoria streets, and succeeded in reaching it in spite of frequent charges by the police. The embassy, which was guarded by a strong force of police, escaped any damage. Hand to hand fights occurred, missiles were thrown and sticks and umbrellas were used.

“Victor Grayson, the stormy petrel of Parliament, made a violent speech in Trafalgar Square this afternoon, in which he announced that the expulsion of the Spanish ambassador would be moved in the House of Commons Monday. His speech is the strongest thing delivered from any rostrum in England. He said the murder of Ferrer was a local outrage on cosmopolitan feeling. ‘It means not only the death of one great worthy man but an insult to the intelligence of Europe,’ he said. ‘I believe the price of Ferrer’s life will be paid long hence. If the heads of all the kings of Europe were torn from their trunks to-morrow it would not pay the price of Ferrer’s life. Let us make no mistake. If all these heads were rolled in the dust to-morrow we should not have one like Ferrer’s, who, by his acts as a royal son, lost his life for the people of the world.’

“In the Spanish Parliament one speaker criticized the Government’s course, saying, ‘This execution was an egregious political blunder. The innocence or guilt of the man has nothing to do with the case. The object of his removal was to help restore internal peace in Spain, but today Ferrer’s influence is much stronger in Spain and throughout Europe than it ever was while he lived.'”


A correspondent of the State Gazette writes:—

“One must know the restless, red-thinking class of Paris to understand what will most likely happen to old Europe, with its feudalism, its armies, its priests, its czars, autocrats, bureaucrats, and underneath the whole inflammable mass oppressed workingmen full of anarchy and revolutionary ideas.

“Barcelona is only a symptom of what I positively know exists throughout all Europe. Let them try a modern war and then you see what happens.”


Mr. Thomas E. Watson, several times nominee for President of these United States on the Populist ticket, is reported to have described present conditions here in the following extract from a letter:—

“President Taft knows as well as I do that Socialism is

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sweeping this country like a prairie fire, and that there is an army of nearly 400,000 banded together, true to the organization which their leaders have made, and that those men are thirsting for an opportunity to come into collision with the Federal army. That is one reason why Taft and Roosevelt are so eager to increase the number of Federal troops.”


“Life has become so meaningless and so useless to some that I advocate the setting up of a suicide slot-machine, where one can deposit a cent and be killed easily and respectably.”

The Press is crediting the above to Rev. D. Guthrie, D.D., of Baltimore, Md. Alas! poor, groaning creation! After being deceived for centuries by bad tidings of great misery for all people except a few “elect,” they are now treated to the information that they sprang from a monkey, but did not spring high enough. Now they are told that their case is hopeless and that it would be a benevolence to help them get off the face of the earth and into her bosom “respectably” by suicide. Would that their ears were open to hear and that we had a thousand tongues to tell them of the “Good tidings of great joy which shall be unto all people”—the result of our Redeemer’s sacrifice! Thank God for the testimony of his Word that soon every ear shall be unstopped and the due time shall come for the testimony of God’s grace to every member of our race.


Our readers well know that in 1880 we pointed out in the columns of this journal the now much discussed Federation of Protestant Churches. We showed that it was foreshadowed in Scripture prophecy: that the beginning of it was in 1846 in the organization of the Evangelical Alliance and that the full development waited for the closing hours of this age. This was at a time when the thought of Federation was generally flouted and many boasted that sectarian divisions were advantageous everyway.

We showed that the coming Protestant organization would, according to Scripture, become the friend and associate

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of Papacy and not its antagonist. We pointed out the prophesy that the life of the new organization or federation would come from the Episcopal Church, which amongst Protestants has long stood as the “oldest” and as possessed of “Apostolic succession” and supposed consequent “authority.” We have for years looked earnestly for such a Protestant Federation as would include the Episcopal Church and give its sanction to the Protestant system.

Finally the way seems to be clearing for this—the pressure of “higher criticism” on the one hand, and the Truth on the other hand forcing religious institutions to band together for mutual protection. But woe will betide all the “little independents” when the great system shall throb with life and become a living image of Papacy and cooperate with it.

The following from the Hartford Post tells of an important proposition now under consideration, looking to the federation of Episcopal and Congregational Churches. We quote:—

“Bishop Hall called attention to the very evident fact that the church needed to stand for definite truth in a community more now than ever before; that religion must have an actual meaning to the people, who are fast falling away from it, if it would bring them back and continue to grow, and that to do this it must unite, come together under one creed, and do its best to bring in other new denominations, rather than lose their valuable contribution by allowing them to maintain separate sects of their own.

“Most of the speakers agreed that it is all a matter of contribution—of how much a church might contribute towards a new Catholic faith, and not how much it might keep of its old faith. That in most cases there was no definite faith at all, is what Bishop Hall called attention to, and thus it might come about that a revival of endeavor might bring Christians to unite on just the one thing set up by the apostles of Christ as his Creed. The Episcopal Church, he said, stood ready to give up its 39 articles of religion, and it was ready to give up its name ‘Episcopal’ and to sink its identity to accomplish this purpose of unity. In return it offered its creed, definite, simple, true.

“From the Episcopalian standpoint it could be seen today that the movement is no dream and that every clergyman of the church in this section goes out with the one idea that before the next meeting of the body the problem will be much nearer settlement than to-day.”


“As is reported in the Jewish Chronicle, the Jewish Colonization Association, which controls the de Hirsch millions, is making now all necessary preparations for the colonization of Mesopotamia by Jews. A petition has been presented to the Turkish Government to legalize the establishment of a company which will have this object in view and which should begin work at once. The Government is favorably disposed toward the movement, and there is very little doubt that the desired permission will be soon granted. It will be remembered that it was the Government itself which first issued the invitation to Jewish organizations to settle in Mesopotamia and later even promised to defray part of the expense of irrigating the land.

“Major General W. Wilcocks, who was commissioned by the Turkish Government to investigate the existing irrigation in Mesopotamia, has presented his report to the Minister of Public Works. He states that the construction of a new dam for the Hindieh River and the repair of the old dam would create a prosperity five times as great as that which existed thirty years ago.”—Jewish Exponent.


The Editor of this journal was surprised recently to receive a request from a Society of Jewesses to address them on the prophecies of the Hebrew Bible. Some of their husbands learned of the matter and desired to attend, so that their hall was deemed too small and they propose getting a larger one. Even should the matter abort entirely, it shows just such a looking to the Lord as we should expect at this time. We are not to expect the Spiritual message to appeal to the Jews, but we surely have a very joyful restitution message for them—to be attained under their New Covenant of Romans 11:27 and Jeremiah 31:31.


“Lord Northcliffe, owner of the London Times, in an interview at Winnipeg, Manitoba, predicted war between Germany and Great Britain. He said in the Krupp works alone 100,000 men are working night and day and on Sundays, preparing for war.

“‘I will make the suggestion with all respect to the Canadians who are investing the money and labor in constructing railroads and building grain elevators, that they keep an eye on European affairs and begin to figure out why it is all the ship yards in Germany are busy constructing rapid cruisers and first-class battleships, and why it is that the Krupp works have increased their hands to over one hundred thousand men—more than the population of Winnipeg.’

“He said that some Canadians have Utopian views and consider such a war a crime.

“‘The Germans don’t think so,’ he continued; ‘they have a magnificent army and the strongest navy in the world, and they ask what these things are for.

“‘They are a thrifty people. They made an immense sum of money out of their last great war. And they will fight again when they think it will pay.’ He said some observers think such a war might begin by 1912.”


A new variety of cotton called Caravonica Cotton has been found or developed in East Africa, which produces fibre of extra fine quality and length, so that it is difficult to distinguish it from wool. But the further remarkable feature about it is that the life of the plant is about eight years, thus saving a great deal of the labor and expense connected with the common cotton. A company has been formed with a capital of one million marks and headquarters at Berlin for the cultivation of this new and wonderful cotton. It is said to have already been cultivated with success in East and West Africa and Egypt and Mexico.


“Zionism is increasing amongst the Jews. There is an awakening desire for national reunion, also in a geographical sense. The old paschal wish, ‘next year in Jerusalem?’ a mere sentiment so long, is at last showing faint bodings of a dawn of realization. A couple of years ago the first national Jewish banner was unfurled at a Zionist world congress. Russian pogroms and Austrian antisemitism are driving the Jews in scores back to the old country.

“In Palestine Jewish agricultural colonies are increasing and thriving. One of these, the colony of Petach-Tikwah (the Door of Hope) has at present actually issued the first Hebrew stamp. The Austrian postal officials have arranged to carry letters free from charge to and from Jaffa and the Jewish colonies. In return these latter have undertaken to provide themselves with a fixed number of foreign postage stamps at the Austrian office. Seeing that thus they indirectly are made to pay for their postal service, the Government of Petach-Tikwah colony have decided to indemnify themselves by issuing stamps of their own.

“Every letter that the Austrian mail carries from the colony must now be provided with one of these stamps, the value whereof is about three-fifths of a penny. In the same way all letters posted at Jaffa for the colony are to bear this stamp. The stamp has an orange tree and a plowshare on a greenish yellow background. It is enclosed in a black and yellow border, and on top it bears in Hebrew characters the name of the colony, Petach-Tikwah.”—Exchange.


— December 1, 1909 —