R4580-94 Poem: The Christian’s Battle

::R4580 : page 94::


Your brother has offended you.
Must you forgiveness show
When he has not forgiveness asked?
I really do not know
That you are called to go that far—
He’s very much to blame.
Of course, I would not slander him,
Nor injure his good name;
But then, I think, I’d show him, too,
That he has quite offended you.

How can I be a child of God
And not forgiveness show?
Why, he has covered all my sins,
And I must surely grow
In that sweet grace, which from the heart
Forgives by word and deed.
I would be like the blessed Lord;
For in his Word I read
That he left all the joys of heaven,
To die that I might be forgiven.

Your brother has imposed on you;
Says, “All that’s thine is mine.”
It is not right; what shall you do?
Where will you draw the line?
Why should you share your earthly goods
Which you by thrift acquired?
That which you toil for is your own;
And you are not required
To give to every one who comes
To seek your help, your bread, your home.

I’ve often wished that I had lived
When my Lord left his throne,
And trod this earth in human form,
That I might then have shown
My love to him, in service sweet;
But still the suffering Christ
Walks by my side each day and how
Neglected, poor, despised,
Still needing ministries of love—
Now here’s the chance, my love to prove.

Your brother shows no gratitude
For all your kindly deeds.
He surely should express some thanks,
When you supply his needs.
You’ve loaned, you’ve given, you’ve gone without;
You’ve helped him all you could;
I really think, in counting up,
You’ve done more than you should.
I’d call a halt, till he has seen
How very kind you’ve always been.

What! work for thanks! then I should lose
A future rich reward;
All service to my brother, now,
Is done to my dear Lord.
Each little sacrifice I make,
Is precious in his sight.
To see my love and zeal abound,
I know is his delight.
For all the wealth beneath the sun,
I would not miss his sweet, “Well done.”

Your brother slandered you, I hear,
And tried on you to throw
Suspicions base to injure you;
Told things that were not so;
Surmised that you had evil done;
Tells others of his fears,
With coolness meets your looks of love,
And costs you many tears.
You do not owe him in return
A love which he will only spurn.

::R4580 : page 95::

‘Tis not my brother you hold up;
‘Tis not his faults you show.
It is my brother’s enemy,
Like you, a deadly foe.
My brother does not do the things
That you lay at his door;
‘Tis his old creature that one day
Shall trouble him no more.
The New Creation is my kin,
The New Creation does not sin.

Your brother claims he walks in love;
Then why is he so mean?
In many people of the world
There’s more goodness seen
Than he shows in his daily life;
You know you’re vexed with him,
He has such ugly little ways,
And such besetting sins:
He sorely lacks in Christian grace—
Now, how can he win in the race?

The way is getting narrower,
More steep and rough it grows;
And fewer they who walk therein.
Lord, I would be of those
Who walk on to the very end
Through good report or ill—
My chief desire to know and do
Thy blessed holy will.
Complete in me thy work of grace,
That I may see thee face to face.



— March 1, 1910 —