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A contemplation of the Lord’s providences respecting the Vow, as they have been exemplified repeatedly in the past year, in the cases of individuals, and of various congregations of the Lord’s people, have gradually softened the antagonism I felt against it, and I took it some days ago, as unto the Lord, believing it to be his will.

I wish to say that I have taken the Vow, not as an oath, not as a guarantee that I will keep it perfectly (apart from the Lord’s merit) and not as a protection, in any sense, except that it will help to keep certain parts of my original consecration vow prominently before my mind. I am sure I do not keep my consecration vow perfectly, and will doubtless fail occasionally in some items of this statement or a portion of it, but I shall do my best to keep it perfectly, and I am sure that is all the Lord expects.

I have always fully assented to every principle contained in the Vow, and the true explanation of the extreme prejudice I have had against it is that the Adversary was undoubtedly trying to get me to fight against it and thus draw me away from the Truth and its service.

Your Brother in Christ,




As I think over the blessed season we had at the Jamestown Convention, my heart goes out in joy and thanksgiving to our dear Lord and Heavenly Father for the abundance of love they have showered on us all in these last days. The love of our Elder Brother was manifest in all the arrangements and the love shining from the faces of the dear friends showed plainly that they had been with Jesus and learned of him.

I wish to express my thanks and appreciation to you, dear Brother, for your loving zeal and untiring endeavor to serve the Lord, the Truth, and the Brethren. All the arrangements at the Convention spoke of that great love, the carefully planned accommodations for all. I can say that for the little sum ($14) I received accommodation far above my expectation. The Lord surely was in our midst, working all things for the good of his people. It was more than I anticipated, and I want to thank you, and all those who labored with you, for the love thus shown for the Brethren, and especially for the reception at The Mayville Inn. It was good to be there. It made me think of the Lord’s words when he said, “I go to prepare a place for you.” Yes, everything was prepared for us to come and receive a blessing, and we surely did receive one.

Your brother in our Redeemer, JOHN ENQUIST.


— September 1, 1910 —