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We want to thank you very much for fixing the price of the cloth-bound SCENARIO at 68c. It is really wonderful what a difference the increased price makes in our sales. It was very hard to sell them for 50c, but the people bite quite readily at 68c. How they love a bargain, even if it does cost them 18c more to secure it! The very fish that would probably be scared at the mere sight of a hook baited with a half dollar, now gather around waiting their turn to bite at the 68c morsel. We want to please the people. We are convinced that Mr. Barnum was right when he said “The public should be pleased.” So if it pleases them to pay 18c more, we are glad to work in harmony with their wishes! Yesterday we tried the SCENARIOS exclusively in the afternoon for about 3-1/4 hours, and sold 21 copies—7 for cash (we fill our pockets with them), and 14 for later delivery. It is very easy to sell them; and the Colporteurs and friends should be able to put them out in enormous quantities, especially with the whole world open territory. It seems as if all the Colporteurs could handle them as a side-line, at least.

Have just received reports from several others who are trying the SCENARIOS at the increased price. One brother who was having a hard struggle to make ends meet for himself and wife and child (at 50c) is now averaging 14 per day, and is catching up fine. Another reports 20 to 25 copies in a morning’s work. This is the average of a married sister, working in territory where work is booming—war materials. Another reports 100 orders in four days.

Apart from the fact that the increased price is enabling some to make out so well financially, we might mention that we are seeing some results from the SCENARIOS. One sister immersed during our recent Convention had her interest aroused chiefly through reading a SCENARIO some months ago. Yesterday we found a lady who said her husband was very much interested in the three books they got from us three years ago, and she ordered the last three as well as the SCENARIO. A man told us his wife had three books she was enjoying very much. But we must not tire you. Evidently there is work for all in the Harvest field yet.

We continue to have many opportunities for service here in connection with the local and neighboring classes, and appreciate our privileges in this connection. But we always feel that the Colporteur work is our work, and that the holding of meetings is incidental. Still, the latter sometimes help to get out the books. It is our delight to have the books up on the stand, and tell the people where we get all these things which so refresh and cheer our hearts even in the midst of the present troublous conditions. Have put out quite a few in this way, and in some instances, we trust, into the hands of those who have appreciated them.

In joyful service, J. & L. HUTCHINSON.




I am constrained to inform you that in God’s hand you have been the means of blessing me and my late beloved wife. I have been intending to write you several times to let you know that the Lord has led me step by step, and also of the love and blessings He has bestowed upon me.

I was brought up in the doctrine of Swedenborgianism and was not satisfied with the life I was leading. Having no time for the creeds, I kept away from them and was at a loss to know what to do. Asking the Lord for guidance in the matter, I started to read my Bible as an ordinary book although believing that no man could understand the same on this side of the Veil.

In the Lord’s providence, I saw an advertisement announcing an address by Brother R. R. Hollister—“Where Are the Dead?”—which I went to hear, but did not understand much about it. When he mentioned the STUDIES IN THE SCRIPTURES as being “Keys” to the Bible, I straightway ordered the six volumes; and when I had read the first of these, did not my heart burn? Yes it did, and with great joy. So happy was I that I ordered several copies of Volume I., to let all my friends have one, and told them of the blessings and joy received. But they told me that I had gone mad and that I had an evil spirit about me. I did not then believe in such a being as Satan; so this troubled me a great deal, and I really thought I was going mad. Every one turned against me; but still asking the Lord to help me, I fully made up my mind to read all the STUDIES through. When I had about finished the fifth volume, my dear wife, seeing the change it had made in me and in all my affairs of life, got inquisitive and also desired to read the volumes. The reading had the same effect upon her as it had had upon me, and we both grew in grace and in knowledge, and our home soon became a new home.

We desired to consecrate ourselves to the Lord, and were both immersed and took the Vow, etc. I feel sure such testimony will gladden your dear heart.

About a year later my dear wife became ill, and was ordered to undergo an operation, from the effects of which she never recovered. All through her illness the dear Lord gave her all the necessary grace as promised, and so wonderfully did she keep up that it was a big blessing to me and to all of our friends. On Sunday, July 4th, she realized that the Lord had decided to call her Home. Yes; she said that the Lord had done most of His healing on the Sabbath day, and that being “Testimony Sunday,” she said: “This is my testimony to the Lord, ‘All the way my Savior leads me.'”—Hymn 12. After singing this hymn through, she said: “I am dying, and oh, I feel so happy; oh, it is so glorious to die! Oh, I feel so happy! ‘Perfect peace to me is promised in my Father’s House above!'” Then she called each one of us by name and said, “Give me the last kiss. Good bye!” and passed beyond the Veil.

To witness such a death as this, dear Brother, has so increased my faith that it is almost impossible to express my love and feeling to my Heavenly Father for the strength He gave me. My praise went up to the Lord then and ever since, thanking Him from the bottom of my heart for the light and grace He gave me at such a time.

My wife’s relations, and even the nurse in attendance, not seeing as I do, could not understand it. It was such a blessing to them all; and I had so many inquiries as to what faith I believed in, and was asked for copies of “that beautiful hymn” she sang at her death.

Your brother in Christ,
FRANK O’C. FITZGERALD.—West Australia.




We had a grand meeting here on the occasion of Brother Russell’s recent visit, and are so thankful for having had the privilege of hearing our dear Pastor again.

The newspapers announced, after Brother Russell was here, that Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman, the great Evangelist, would tell his audience, at his Monday evening meeting, some things about Pastor Russell.

There were about 5,000 present to hear what Dr. Chapman had to say. This was in substance as follows:

“I wish that every minister in Atlanta had as much zeal as Pastor Russell. I wish that every minister was as untiring in his efforts as Pastor Russell. I wish that every member was as loyal to his church as the followers of Pastor Russell are to the teachings he proclaims. If all the ministers were as zealous as Pastor Russell, and if all the church members were as liberal in the support of the church as Pastor Russell’s followers are of the support of his teachings, we would revolutionize the world within a year’s time.”

Thus we can see from the above remarks that even our enemies are taking note of the wonderful work that is being accomplished.

Yours in fellowship and service, W. E. HOPKINS.—Ga.


— December 15, 1915 —