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We have discovered that there is a defect in the binding of a few copies of the "Day Dawn." If any imperfect ones have been sent out, and the persons having received them will notify us, stating the defect, we will gladly make good by sending others.

J. H. P.



Is a book of 332 pages, which should be in the hands of all bible students, as a book not only of information, but of reference. ADDRESS:– A. D. JONES, No. 29 Smithfield street, Pittsburgh, Pa. J. H. PATON, Almont, Mich. TERMS:– In paper covers, postage prepaid……….$ .50 6 copies, paper covers, by express…….. 2.00 12 " " " …….. 4.00 Cloth covers, postage prepaid…………. .75 6 copies, cloth covers, postage prepaid… 3.50 12 " " " … 7.00

Those interested, and unable to pay, are welcome to a copy free, by asking for it.


— July, 1880 —

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