R0204-8 Miscellaneous – Trials And The Temptations

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IT seems to me the trials and the temptations of this life are all making us fit for the life to come–building up a character for eternity. You have been in a piano manufactory; did you ever go there for the sake of music? Go into the tuning room and you will say, "My dear sir, this is a dreadful place to be in; I cannot bear it; I thought you made music here." They say, "No we do not produce music here; we make the instruments and tune them here, and in the process much discord is forthcoming." Such is the church of God on earth. The Lord makes the instruments down here, and tunes them, and a great deal of discord is perceptible, but it is all necessary to prepare us for the everlasting harmonies up yonder.


— January, 1881 —

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